Board presentation for a tech company

10 Must-Have Slides for Tech Company’s Board Presentation

Board presentation for a tech company

You spend weeks creating a board presentation, only to be met with blank stares and mumbled questions. Sounds familiar?

Board meetings are your chance to connect with the guiding force behind your tech company – the Board of Directors. It’s an opportunity to showcase your vision, performance, and secure approval for strategic initiatives and innovations.

But this can only happen if you create a board presentation that actively engages the members and leaves them feeling invested in what’s next.

We know crafting presentations is time-consuming and frustrating. That’s why this curated list of 10 essential slides serves as the blueprint for elevating your board presentations. Follow this framework to save time, maximize impact, and ensure your message resonates with the board.

The 10 Key Slides That Will Structure Your
Board Presentations


An agenda slide acts as a roadmap for the meeting

  • Clearly outline the meeting structure and topics covered

  • Utilize bullets or numbers to create a logical flow

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary slide provides a high-level snapshot of the key takeaways from the presentation

  • Briefly summarize key achievements, current state, and future goals

  • Use minimal layouts and highlight key numbers

Financial Performance

Financial performance is a core area of interest for any board

  • Utilize charts and graphs for financial trends and keep tables clean for key figures

  • Highlight important numbers or changes since the last meeting

KPI Review

KPI Slide allows the board to quickly assess progress and identify areas that might require adjustments.

  • Present the most important KPIs, such as MRR, ARR, customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, and churn rate in visually appealing charts

  • Use a dashboard-style format with clear indicators of performance against targets

Strategic Initiatives

This slide helps the board visualize the path forward and understand how your initiatives align with the overall vision.

  • Present key initiatives, anticipated market expansions, and product launch timelines

  • Incorporating timelines, milestone markers, and progress bars for clear storytelling

Product Market Fit

A strong product-market fit is crucial for any business. This slide demonstrates that your product or service resonates with your target audience

  • Use graphs to show growth trends

  • Add customer success stories with clean quotes or logos

  • Use relevant icons for better visual appeal

Operational Highlights

This slide showcases your operational achievements and highlights improvements made to streamline processes.

  • Use flowcharts, process diagrams, and infographics for operational metrics

Market Landscape

Understanding the competitive landscape is critical for making informed strategic decisions. Discuss market trends, competitive analysis, and your company’s market share and positioning.

  • Use market growth graphs, competitor matrices, and positioning maps

  • Use competitor’s logos for better visualization

Leadership and Organizational Update

Boards must be confident in the leadership team’s capabilities to execute the company’s vision. This slide provides an update on any organizational changes

  • Utilize leadership profiles with photo

Success Stories

Show credibility with success stories. .

  • Incorporate customer testimonials and before-and-after scenarios in a well-structured format

Putting It All Together!

Crafting a captivating board presentation goes beyond just content. Now that you have the 10 must-have slides, it’s time to create a powerful presentation.

By using clear layouts, consistent branding, and engaging visuals can make a huge difference in how well your message comes across to the board members.

And, if you’re still not sure where to start or need some help in designing a powerful board presentation, we’ve got you covered! Our presentation designers have diverse creative capabilities and domain expertise.

Contact us today to book a discovery call, and let’s get started on making your next board meeting a success!

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