PowerPoint Christmas card 2023. Celebrate holidays with lots of joy and hot chocolate!

PowerPoint Christmas Cards 2023

‘Tis the season once more! As the air fills with the sweet scent of gingerbread cookies and the sound of carols sung in harmony, we can’t help but feel the magic of the holiday season. With our sleigh full of ideas, we’re excited to deliver a bundle of festive PowerPoint Christmas cards to add a sprinkle of joy to your holidays!

Drawing inspiration from BrightCarbon’s decade-long tradition of crafting exceptional Christmas cards, here’s our humble approach to creating a beautiful PowerPoint Christmas cards that you can personalize and share with your loved ones. May it fill your heart with warmth and merriment this holiday season.

How to use the PowerPoint Christmas Card?

We have created videos of the Christmas cards and provided a button to download the editable PowerPoint files. Follow these simple steps to edit your Christmas card:

  1. Begin by clicking the button located below the video to download the editable PowerPoint file.
  2. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and open the downloaded file.
  3. Customize your card by adding your company logo and/or your name to the placeholders.
  4. Elevate the experience by entering ‘Slide Show’ mode (press F5 on Windows or Cmd + Return on Mac).
  5. To save this card as a Video:
    • For Windows: Navigate to File > Export > Create a Video.
    • For Mac: Click File > Export, then open the File Format list and select the MP4 video format. [Ensure that the resolution is set to Full HD (1920×1080)]
  6. Finally, share your heartwarming Christmas card video with friends and family, spreading the holiday cheer far and wide!

1. Santa’s Odyssey – A Tale of Kindness and Joy

“In a pixel quest, Santa’s kindness shines bright, Illuminating the season with pure delight!”

2. Santa’s Shuffle Showdown

“Flip those cards and capture the Christmas magic you seek!”

3. Santa’s Secret Suit

“Santa’s away, but his email today, invites us all to brighten the way!”

4. Bridging Differences with a Friendly Gift!  

“In icy realms, a bear and Ocra whale find friendship’s light, proving even foes can share a warm and kind-hearted friendship delight”

5. Skiing into Kindness  

“Down snowy slopes, Santa ski takes flight, Paints the world in peachy, fuzzy delight.”

6. Christmas Feast

“Cheers to festive feasts, shared recipes, and the warmth of togetherness!”

7. Techy Christmas and a Personal Touch

“In a winter wonderland’s cheer, a robot and a rabbit bring holiday gear!”

8. Discovering Holiday Magic in Every Tiny Window!

“Unwrapping magic, day by day,
Advent’s calendar lights the way.”

9. We Three Kings of Orient Are

“Glorious now behold Him arise,
King, and God, and Sacrifice;
Heav’n sings Hallelujah:
Hallelujah the earth replies.”

10. The Christmas Train

“Santa’s sleigh in despair, but hope fills the air,
Aboard the magical train, joy spreads everywhere.”

11. Memories in Every Bite!

“One bite, a thousand memories unfold, Christmas magic, gingerbread-told!”

Happy Holidays!

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