The Business Case

Impressed by our previous collaboration, Aspen, a leading fintech startup, approached us to redesign their investor pitch deck. We transformed their mundane and text-heavy presentation into a visually captivating narrative that captures investor attention.

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Project Type

Pitch Deck



Project Timeline

2 weeks




The client’s pitch deck consisted of plain text on the slides, lacking any branding or proper font usage. This blandly written presentation failed to make the key messaging regarding factoring and the Aspen process did not stand out effectively. It was also difficult to visually distinguish how the Aspen process differs from that of competitors.


We completely overhauled the deck by applying brand guides, elements and using precise typography. Text-heavy slides were transformed into visually engaging ones through the incorporation of illustrations. This resulted in a deck that effectively conveys a compelling visual narrative of the company’s process and overarching messaging.

Visual Transformation for Powerful Storytelling

We broke down the content into simpler points, highlighted key numbers, and used a map to visually represent the main takeaway.

Using illustrations, icons, and the right colors, we effectively represented the problem that has being addressed.

We highlighted key numbers, visualized ratios, and leveraged the map to showcase key locations.

Effortless Flow

To enhance digestibility and ensure a smooth content flow, we split the slides into two parts. The first slide showcases the Aspen solution process,

while the second focuses on key pointers.

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