The Business Case

The company is a clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to creating breakthrough therapies for treating cancer and other serious diseases. Given the tight deadline, we accepted the challenge and delivered an outstandingly transformed Series B pitch deck.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.
Project Type

Series B Pitch Deck



Project Timeline

1-2 week


Thousand Oaks, California


What we received from the client resembled a PowerPoint template, thus lacking the appeal of a healthcare brand. The content on the slides lacked hierarchy and visual alignment.


We used the brand colors and looked for fonts that would best fit the healthcare research brand. We polished and aligned the deck, maintaining the hierarchy. The images of the prostate and the equipment were rightly highlighted, focusing on the key messaging

Well-Structured Slides Transformation

After reading and doing some research on the subject, we got a good grasp of how their product works. We used animation to demonstrate the product in three steps, including all the important details. The on-click animation made it easy for them to explain the slide to their audience smoothly.

Improved the visual of two separate processes coming together to create the final Targeted High-Capacity Drug Conjugate. This refined approach places a heightened emphasis on the remarkable end result.

Made their product stand out by having a higher DIAM than their competitors’ products. The use of different color shades suggests increasing DIAM values, which align with improved clinical effectiveness.

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