The Business Case

Altis is a biotech company that has developed a revolutionary stem cell technology that recreates the human intestinal epithelium for compound screening and microbiome research. We created the Series A pitch deck with the company’s CEO.

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Project Type

Pitch Deck



Project Timeline

2 week


Durham, NC


Initially, the deck contained a basic PowerPoint-style diagram that lacked distinction and clarity in showcasing market segments and product differentiation. The design did not effectively communicate the startup’s value in the biotech industry.

Biotech startup pitch deck slide depicting the core problem addressed by the biotechnology innovation
Product/Services slide in a biotech pitch deck, highlighting the unique offerings of the biotech startup
Solution slide in a biotech pitch deck showcasing how the startup plans to solve a significant biotechnological issue
RepliGut Slide in a biotechnology startup pitch deck, illustrating the proprietary technology developed for gastrointestinal research
The Ask slide from a biotech startup pitch deck, detailing funding requirements and use of funds for biotech innovation
The Team slide in a biotech startup pitch deck, featuring the expertise and background of the founding members driving the biotech innovation


We transformed outdated diagrams into sleek, contemporary designs and integrated icons for elegance and clarity. We redesigned  slides to be vibrant, branded, and highly readable.

Biotech startup pitch deck title slide featuring the logo and name of the biotech company, setting a professional tone for the presentation.
Team slide with photos and brief bios of key members, highlighting their expertise in the biotech startup space for a compelling pitch deck
Detailed overview slide of innovative biotech products or services under development, showcasing the startup's value proposition in the biotech field
Clear and concise ask slide for pitch deck, detailing the investment or support the biotech startup seeks, with compelling reasons for potential backers in the biotech pitch deck
Slide outlining the key challenges the biotech industry faces, clearly defining the problem statement with engaging visuals, relevant to biotech pitch decks
Specific slide dedicated to the RepliGut technology, illustrating its application in biotechnology research, crucial for understanding the startup's core product in the pitch deck
Concluding presentation designslide of the biotech startup pitch deck, summarizing key points and providing contact information, designed to leave a lasting impression on potential investors

Final Transformation

Through thoughtful differentiation and hierarchical placement of text, we have ensured effortless readability, making it exceptionally user-friendly for all readers. We also added a custom illustration to make it more engaging. 

Before transformation: A dull slide with text clutter, lacking visual appeal and organization, prior to biotech startup pitch deck redesign

The original presentation design slide lacked clarity regarding individual verticals and their market sizes. By highlighting specific sectors based on their market size, we have now enabled a precise comparison among different verticals, providing a much clearer understanding of the market dynamics. 

Before transformation: A slide with unclear market size and verticals, lacking precise comparison and clarity in a biotech startup pitch deck.
After transformation: A slide with highlighted sectors by market size for clear comparison and understanding of market dynamics in a biotech pitch deck

We needed to highlight two different market segments and the kit. We distinguished the two products, created custom kit packaging, and replaced the images inside with branded-looking images.

Before transformation: A slide needing distinction between two market segments and a kit presentation with generic images in a biotech startup pitch deck.
After transformation: A slide with distinguished market segments, custom kit packaging, and branded images for a professional biotech pitch deck presentation.

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