The Business Case

Impressed by our BOD deck redesign, Syncron broadened the scope of our collaboration. They asked us to design a PowerPoint Master Template that they can distribute across their team worldwide.

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Project Type

PowerPoint Template


SaaS Company

Project Timeline

2-3 Weeks


USA & Sweden

What's not working?

Limited layouts - Not useful for all departments

The layouts shown below are the only ones in their Master Template, which was outdated and very inconsistent with their old branding.

Not ‘Truly’ a ‘Template’ - There were floating elements

There were no image customization options provided, and design elements were not included in the Master Template Slides.

Multiple templates for different use-cases

The team had created different sets of slides for various use cases, such as financial, sales, case studies, marketing, etc.

Syncron presentation template headline slide
Syncron master template Title slide
Presentation template for technology Agenda Slide

Meaningful Solutions

On-brand and custom shape image placeholders

After the brand revamp, we incorporated branded elements like hexagons to create custom image placeholders in the Master Slides. The outcome was a cohesive and on-brand PowerPoint Template aligned with the latest branding.

Multiple regional language support

The master template will be used by the Syncron team globally. Our primary challenge was addressing language compatibility. We tackled this by incorporating support for multiple regional languages, ensuring accessibility for their teams worldwide.

Syncron multilingual presentation template slide

One master template for all departments

While creating the Master Template, we crafted diverse layouts tailored to meet the specific needs of various departments. Each layout is designed to fulfill each department’s unique needs, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the template.

Basic layouts

C Level Executives


Branding and Marketing


Asset deck with ready-to-use slides

We have provided ready-to-use slides along with an icon library, maps, charts, and tables, which can be utilized if needed.

image 460

Client Testimonial

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Karen Sage

Chief Marketing Officer at Syncron

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Karen Sage

Chief Marketing Officer, Syncron

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