The Business Case

The founder of Cloverleaf AI reached out to us through a third-degree referral. They were looking for a transformative design for their Seed Round Pitch Deck. Cloverleaf AI transforms the massive amount of decentralized government meeting data into an actionable dashboard.

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Project Type

Pitch Deck

Project Timeline
4-6 weeks
Chicago, Illinois


The AI pitch deck lacked modern design and branding. It had used common PowerPoint templates, and no clear hierarchy or consistency, making it appear unprofessional and difficult to follow.


The designed draft had visual consistency, incorporating elements such as consistent typography, brand colors, and margins. The slides were thoughtfully designed to feature clear and effective data visualizations, which effectively communicated the key messaging.

Custom Illustrations from Image

The image that was initially used to convey the key message appeared pixelated. We suggested to the client the idea of creating a custom illustration instead. By utilizing the old photo as a reference, we were able to tell the story in a visually engaging way.


The client was facing difficulty in communicating their business idea to the investors. We developed a storytelling approach by creating highly customized illustrations. We were able to explain the core problem and highlight the benefits of the solution in a clear manner.

Visual Transformation for Powerful Storytelling

Images were converted to custom illustrations. The visual style aligned with the client’s branding and create a more modern aesthetic.

We created custom illustrations in crafting a well-articulated storytelling slide that effectively highlighted the core problem.

We upgraded the design to showcase the exact workings of the product.

We redesigned the competitive advantage slide to effectively differentiate the company from its competitors, while also maintaining their branding elements.

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