The Business Case

As a late-stage clinical biopharma company, its primary goal is to offer patients life-changing treatment options. After seeing our successful projects with other biotech firms, the client requested a corporate overview deck. The CEO had reviewed the deck around 200 times, so it felt stale. After redesigning the deck, their focus shifted to investor education rather than product sales. We reorganized the content and updated the aesthetics to align with their branding.

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Project Type

Corporate Overview Deck


Biotechnology Research

Project Timeline

3-4 week


Agoura Hills, California


The overall design lacked consistency, primarily because the colors and elements were not clean or aligned with the content of the slides, and there was a lack of hierarchy. This inconsistency made the presentation difficult to follow smoothly and understand the essential message of each slide.


We have reorganized the content and developed a standardized disease education slide. We incorporated relevant icons and introduced elements that seamlessly integrate with the brand colors and uphold the premium quality of a transformative medicine brand.

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Visually Appealing Transformation

The slide had scattered content, and the chart failed to convey the essential message clearly. We made the content more straightforward and emphasized key points. We also integrated the chart with the content, effectively showcasing the timeline projection.

We made slide structured, visually coherent slide by incorporating branded colors and dividing it into sections for key points and charts, enhancing clarity and consistency.

We revamped the content and emphasized symptom images to make the message clear and more engaging. Additionally, we highlighted key points to enhance understanding.

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