The Business Case

Foregens’ mission is to heal the physical and psychological damage inherent to circumcision through regenerative medicine. M’idea Hub worked with its Chief Operations Officer and Communications Officer to create an animated explainer video and a pitch deck.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

Project Type

Pitch Deck and
Video Animation

Project Timeline

4-6 weeks


Chicago, Illinois

Established Moodboard

In order to ensure that the deck effectively communicates the unique value proposition of the company and resonates with the target audience, it was essential to carefully curate the visual elements for the deck.
To achieve this, we carefully crafted a mood board that aligns with Foregen’s brand manual.


From the script given by the client, the storyboard was designed from scratch, making sure that each fragment from the script was rightfully envisioned. The objective was to select the appropriate illustration and design elements to create a cohesive and exclusive look for the pitch deck and explainer video, one that is unmistakably Foregen.

Video Animation

The storyboard for the pitch deck and explainer video was brought to life through expertly curated transitional video animation. The animation was designed to flow seamlessly, effortlessly transitioning from one scene to the next, creating a cohesive and engaging visual experience for the viewer.

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Wireframe, Structure & Flow

The client had a rough structure for the slides they wanted to incorporate. Our team helped identify if there were any missing slides required for an exemplary pitch deck. We then assisted the client in creating a tailored wireframe, structure, and flow for the deck. We also provided the structure of the slides to make the experience seamless for the client.

Final Pitch Deck

The final pitch deck bowled away the clients as it effectively captured and conveyed the message that the organization wanted to deliver. Each slide explained its role in a visually appealing yet functional way.

M’Idea Hub was recommended to us by one of our colleagues, and I’m glad that they put us in contact with them. We worked with them on two projects - a pitch deck and an explainer video – both of which we were extremely happy with and felt captured the message and image of our organization. Kirk and his team were very professional and worked through the entire process with us, making sure that we could give feedback and see how both developed to the final products. I would 100% recommend them to organizations, companies, or businesses who are looking for a team to create media that can help convey their message, and explain what they do in a visually appealing and attractive way.

Tyler Drozd

Chief Operations Officer

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