Importance of a Well-Designed Fund Deck

When it comes to fundraising by a general partner of a VC firm or private equity fund, a well-designed fund deck can make all the difference!

It provides an overview of the fund’s investment strategy, team, and track record, highlighting the fund’s value proposition to limited partners (LPs). A fund deck gives them a clear understanding of the fund’s objectives, risks, potential returns, past track record, and market positioning, thereby helping them in an effective decision-making process.

But what exactly makes a fund deck “well-designed”?

This blog will delve into the importance of a well-designed Fund Deck and how it can help LPs make informed investment decisions. So, if you are a general partner of a VC firm or private equity fund, read on to get valuable insights into the significance of a Fund Deck and how to create an effective one!

The Role of Design in a Fund Deck

Design plays a vital role in a fund deck, as it impacts how LPs perceive the fund and the team behind it. It conveys professionalism, attention to detail, and a clear understanding of the market and target audience.

Using clean layouts, data visualization, and consistent branding can easily demonstrate information. For instance, using an interactive chart or graph to showcase the fund’s growth over time can be a great way to show its success.

In addition, the use of clean typography, clear headings, and concise bullet points can help to simplify the information. The fund deck should also be easy to navigate, with a clear structure and logical flow that guides the reader through the vital information. Ultimately, a great design can bring a fund deck to life, making it a powerful tool for building investment interest and securing funding.

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Slides to Include in a Fund Deck

Slide 1: Cover Slide

A cover slide of the fund deck helps you in setting the tone and emphasize your branding. You can also highlight your positioning as a deck title which can then be followed into the rest of the deck. You can use images, illustrations, or branded elements to make the slide look more appealing.

Slide 2: Disclosure

In a fund pitch deck, the first slide should always be a legal disclaimer that clearly states that the information in the deck is intended for informational purposes. It should also specify any legal restrictions or requirements that may apply to the offering.

Slide 3: Thesis & Company Overview

The slide should introduce the fund’s investment thesis, outlining the fund’s specific investment focus and goals. This slide should also include a brief overview of the company and its mission, providing a high-level understanding of what it does and aims to achieve.

Slide 4: Problem Statement

It should focus on the problem the fund seeks to address. The problem can be in the market, a challenge faced by the industry, or a gap in the market that the company is looking to fill. The slide should explain how this problem affects the industry and present the opportunity for investors to capitalize on this issue.

Slide 5: Ecosystem & Solution

This slide should provide an overview of the industry ecosystem and describe the company’s solution to the problem identified in the previous slide. The solution should be explained in detail, including how it addresses the problem and creates value for investors.

Slide 6: Track Record

This slide should provide an overview of the industry ecosystem and describe the company’s solution to the problem identified in the previous slide. The solution should be explained in detail, including how it addresses the problem and creates value for investors.

Slide 7: Team

The team slide of your fund deck should showcase the experience of your general partners and the rest of your team. Including short bios, logos of former companies, or key experience metrics are all excellent ways to demonstrate your team’s expertise.

Slide 8: Investment Thesis

Summarize the fund’s investment thesis, providing a clear and concise overview of the fund’s approach to investing. This should include information on the fund’s target market and sectors. Whatever investment focus you choose, it’s helpful to share examples of companies you’ve invested in or companies similar to the ones you plan to invest in that fit your focus.

Slide 9: Standout Fund Companies

This slide should compare the fund to other industry companies, highlighting how it stands out from its peers. This can include metrics or data demonstrating the fund’s superior performance or unique value proposition, showcasing the fund’s competitive advantage.

Slide 10: Acquisition Engine

This slide should describe the fund’s acquisition strategy, explaining how it intends to build its portfolio of companies. This should include information on the fund’s acquisition targets and criteria and explain how the fund’s acquisition strategy creates value for investors.

Slide 11: Focus Areas

Identify the fund’s focus areas, highlighting the areas where it will concentrate its investment activities. This should explain why these focus areas are essential for the industry and investors and provide information on the fund’s past investments and current portfolio companies in these focus areas.

Slide 12: Fund Strategy

The slide should provide an overview of the fund’s investment strategy, explaining how it intends to achieve its investment goals. This should include information on the fund’s approach to risk management and target returns and outline the key performance metrics that the fund will use to measure its success.

Slide 13: Fund Structure & Performance

This slide aims to share your fund strategy decisions with LPs and ensure they’re well-informed. It includes fund size, target returns, GP commitment, and risk management strategies. Additionally, provide data on the fund’s current performance, including historical returns and assets under management. Finally, compare the fund’s performance to industry benchmarks to show its competitiveness and potential for future success.

Slide 14: From Our Founders

In this slide, include testimonials of the founders of companies you’ve invested in. Including these testimonials in your fund deck showcases the real-life results and experiences of entrepreneurs who have worked with you. It helps build trust and credibility, along with providing valuable insights into the types of companies you’ve supported and the impact you’ve had on their businesses.

Slide 15: Case Study

The final slide should be a case study of a successful investment made by the fund. Provide details on how the fund identified the opportunity, why it invested, and what outcome it achieved. Highlight the value that this investment created and how it aligns with the fund’s investment thesis and overall strategy. This provides a real-world example of the fund’s potential to generate returns for them.

A Checklist for a Well-Designed Fund Deck

Here is a checklist for designing a well-structured and polished fund deck:

    1. Use a clean and professional layout to convey a sense of credibility and expertise.

    2. Keep the deck concise and to the point

    3. Highlight the key information

    4. Ensure easy navigation and the flow of information

    5. Incorporate icons, illustrations, charts, and images to communicate complex information effectively

Bottom Line

A well-designed fund deck is essential to help LPs communicate the value of their fund and make informed decisions. This blog offers a brief understanding of slides to be included in a fund deck and a checklist to ensure it is well-structured and polished. And if you are looking for professional help, M’idea Hub has your back!

We have a proven track record of creating fund decks that are both visually appealing and effective. Our team of pitch deck designers understands the importance of a well-designed fund deck. It works closely with you to ensure that the deck accurately represents the fund’s vision, market opportunity, financial projections, and other key information in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner.

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