The Business Case

Texas 2036 enable Texans to make policy decisions through accessible data, long-term planning and statewide engagement. We have been connected with them from past 18 months and are about to deliver around 100 projects. We form a deep partnership by offering priority support, dedicated resource and the ability to work with a cross functional team.

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Project Type



Public Policy Offices

Project Timeline



Dallas, Texas


The client submitted a draft report for publication that highlighted statistical data and their concerns about the state and its citizens. However, the draft was lacking in visual design elements.


We incorporated the company’s branding into the design and utilized data visualization to enhance the report. By utilizing color, we were able to draw attendtion to key points and establish a clear hierarchy for the viewer. Non-essential information was de-emphasized through the use of muted colors.

Board of Directors Deck

PowerPoint Template

Poll Outcomes (Before)

The client sent us a word document that was intended to be converted into a handout for circulation. However, the document consisted solely of text and did not include any visual cues or hierarchy, making it difficult for readers to identify important information.


We took this document and transformed it into a visually appealing and professional report, using data visualization and design elements such as font and color to effectively communicate the information.

Handpicked Slides (Before)

From a pile of projects, we have handpicked some of the slides with unique and appealing layouts to showcase transformation. These are the slides the client shared with us, which had different fonts and no consistency.

Handpicked Slides

We believe the transformed slides effectively demonstrate the power of design in driving change. The creative use of color, typography, and imagery helps to bring the message of each slide to life and make a lasting impact on the viewer.

Report Design

Poll Handout

Client Testimonial

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Working with M'Idea was the best decision we could have made! My team and I have backgrounds in energy and tech, nobody has any design experience. Kirk and his team took a terrible looking deck without a good story and came back with a phenomenal presentation that I am very excited to take on the road! They were always very professional and worked over a weekend to come through with a quick turnaround. The content is also very original and creative. If you are a startup and need a solid pitch, M'Idea is the place to go!

Alvaro Navarro

Managing Partner, Aspen

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