The Business Case

Syncron empowers leading manufacturers and distributors to capitalize on the world’s new service economy. They initially reached out to us for a BOD deck redesign. Upon experiencing the transformation, they expanded the scope of our collaboration to over 30 marketing collateral pieces.
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Project Type

Multiple Assets


Software Development

Project Timeline

6 months


USA & Sweden

Revised Branding

We took a comprehensive approach to the brand revamp. After thoroughly reviewing all the marketing collaterals and branded documents; we started with redesigning their existing logo as it would serve as a cornerstone of a brand’s identity. We had a series of detailed calls with the CEO, CMO, and a Brand Consultant regarding the righteous direction.

Brand Manual

Once the logo was finalized; we drafted clear guidelines for the logo usage, typography, colors, icongraphy, photography, and more, ensuring consistent representation of the brand across all touchpoints. The well built brand manual would maintain the brand’s visual identity moving forward.

Corporate Overview Deck

The corporate overview deck was the highlight of the re-branding project. Inspired by their logo, we took a hexagon as a design element and created a design that was exclusive to the brand. The deck combined an attractive blend of shapes, colors, and illustrations while maintaining professional and functional aesthetics.

Before & After

We created a customized infographic utilizing the distinctive hexagonal shape as a key branding element. Additionally, custom icons were designed in accordance with the brand guidelines.
A custom graphic was created to visually emphasize the concept of a “Connected Service Experience”.
Upon thorough review and analysis of the content, we identified and removed any extraneous elements from the slide to achieve a streamlined, consistent, and uncluttered visual presentation.

PowerPoint Template

The custom PowerPoint template was created using brand elements introduced in the brand guidelines. As the company is multi-national, we have provided Multi-Regional Language Support in the template.

Annual Report

The client provided the content in a Word document, and the report was designed to reflect the new branding. The content placement and text hierarchy were expertly executed to create a premium and professional look.

White Paper

The data for the report was provided to us in a pdf. We thoroughly understood the content and based on it we created custom infographics and icons. The report turned out to be aesthetically appealing with the use of headings, subheadings, bullet points, and appropriate graphs.


The original content provided by the client was in a landscape orientation PDF format. Considering the current trend of viewing digital content on mobile devices and tablets, we have converted the format to portrait orientation to optimize its visual appeal and usability.

Product Sheets

In order to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of our client’s customers, we have created the sheets in multiple languages including English, Japanese, French, and German. We further organized the different product offerings by using distinct colors to create separate product sheets for ease of comprehension.

Client Testimonial

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Karen Sage

Chief Marketing Officer at Syncron

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Karen Sage

Chief Marketing Officer, Syncron

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