The Business Case

A 60-year-old family business in the retail sector reached out to M’idea Hub to create a Pitch Deck. They were looking to expand into the United States and needed to make a presentation to show potential partners and government officials of Texas when applying for permits.
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Project Type

Pitch Deck


Retail stores

Project Timeline

2-3 weeks


Dallas, Texas


The deck provided by the client was difficult to understand and engage with. It lacked design and did not include data visuals or aesthetic elements that would make the information easily digestible.

Flow & Slide Suggestions

Based on our experience of crafting pitch decks, we suggested them to add some new slides which were mainly focused on bringing more credibility and authenticity to the presentation.

Visually Appealing Transformation

To make the deck visually engagin, we highlighted important numbers, incorporated custom visuals and infographics. This helped us to make the deck effective in communicating the key information to the audience.

On-Brand & Consistent

Since there was no brand guide provided by the client, we created custom shapes and icons based on the brand logo and colors. We did our research on the client’s website and similar supermarket companies for a better understanding of the overall aesthetic and layout prevalent in the market.

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