The Business Case

OpenNest Labs is a diversified holding company that invests, incubates, and operates start-ups. With a tight turnaround of just one week, we undertook a comprehensive transformation of fund deck, including content and visual aspects, surpassing the COO’s requirements.

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Project Type

Fund Deck


Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals

Project Timeline

1-2 weeks


Venice, CA


The fund deck we got from the client needed a lot of work. It lacked in branding, structure, and used only plain text on the slides. Most importantly, it didn’t clearly communicate that they’re a venture capital firm investing in cannabis companies.


We transformed the deck into a branded and modern presentation, carefully utilizing fonts, colors, and contrast. The key message focusing on their investment in cannabis companies is now prominently displayed. By incorporating the logo strategically, we’ve ensured a branded feel throughout. What were once plain, simple slides have been visually enhanced, elevating the overall presentation.

Before & After

The slide has been redesigned to visually illustrate the company’s progression, cleverly mirroring the growth of a cannabis plant over time. This approach effectively communicates how the company expands and thrives with each phase.

We visually depicted a clear demarcation between the company’s current position and future priorities at each phase. Through strategic color contrast and layout, the slide stands out, ensuring that the audience can easily grasp the company’s trajectory and objectives.


In managing multiple case study slides, it was crucial to nail the layout. By using appropriate colors and creating a clear demarcation, we incorporated a prominent image alongside an easily understandable journey and comprehensive company details. This ensured that each case study slide effectively communicated its message.

Effortless Flow

To enhance digestibility and ensure a smooth content flow, we split the slides into two parts. The first slide showcases the Aspen solution process,

while the second focuses on key pointers.

M'Idea is a great team set-up to efficiently and effectively share your team's story! They deliver quality work and are very collaborative throughout their process. Looking forward to working with their team across all of our businesses!

Ryan Bobik

Vice President, Strategy & Operations, OpenNest Labs

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