The Business Case

Casey Woo, a former client, along with Jamie Ceglarz, approached us to create collaterals for their first OG Summit. We got the opportunity to be the design partner for the entire event.
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Project Type

Event collaterals

Project Timeline

4-6 weeks


Healdsburg, CA

Discovery Call

We kicked off the project with a series of Zoom calls to understand and gather information about the event. We discussed the overall plan for the event and identified the requirement for specific graphics. The core deliverable for the event was the Keynote Presentation by the founders.

Established Moodboard

Based on the nature and location of event, we created a brand guideline with custom color palette, icons, fonts, illustrations, and shapes.

Conceptualized the Illustrations

A series of rough sketches and concepts were created before jumping on to the colored illustrations to be on the same page as Jamey and Casey.

Conceptual Illustrations

The digital illustrations breathed new life into the rough sketches. Each black and white sketch was approved by Jamie and Casey before adding colors and bringing them to life.
Cassey’s Story – Casey dropped out of Wall Street and joined a FinTech startup in the Silicon Valley. There, he felt lonely and needed some friends.
Jamie’s Story – Jamie started his career during the Mortgage Crisis in 2008.
Jamie worked for an Australian guy named Phaedon, and together they were setting up the San Francisco office for his company, Mitchellake.
Jamie hosted the first meetup and invited 10-12 people. He informed everyone that others were coming, even before anyone had committed.

Since the group wasn’t going anywhere, they gathered to start a tradition and celebrate.

And here is the introduction to the first-ever OG Summit. The illustration represents the location of the event in the wine country.

Highlighting Numbers

By highlighting numbers through unique charts, we created an engaging and easy-to-understand representation of the data. Using color blocks to make the numbers stand out further emphasizes their importance.

Simplified the Concepts

After understanding the key messaging of each slides in the presentation, we transformed the complex textual information into a visually engaging and easy-to-understand presentation slides.

The D-Day

The flamboyant design theme was very well received by the audience and it lit up the entire space. Casey and Jamie were highly collaborative and versatile to work with, making the entire execution buttery-smooth.

Client Testimonial

I strongly recommend Kirk and Harry for any presentation design projects. The entire team has been organized, communicative, and thorough with every project we've thrown their way and despite tight timelines they've consistently delivered high quality work for us.

Joseph Gruttadauria

Head of Marketing at Operators Guild

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