The Business Case

Moxey helps to take your current assets and services and leverage them through trading to get what you need now without spending cash. For the splendid transformation of their deck; the President of Moxey engaged with MideaHub.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

Project Type

Pitch Deck



Project Timeline

2 weeks


Baton Rouge, LA


Illustrations for Powerful Storytelling

  1. We understood the concept and the idea behind the complex textual slides.
  2. The concept was converted into visual storytelling with custom made vector illustrations.
  3. The custom-made visuals gave better understanding of the concept and conveyed the messaging effortlessly.
  4. By using a combination of custom graphics, and branded colors, we were able to transform the client’s bland and uninspiring presentation into a beautiful and engaging deck.

Effortless flow

To make the information more easily digestible and to achieve good content flow; we split the slides showcasing the product mockup and the product features into 2 slides.

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