The Business Case

The company is an independent ETF specialist working with asset management leaders to bring differentiated, modern, innovative ETF exposures. The critical and challenging task was transforming a Series B Pitch Deck and delivering a top-quality product within a week.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.
Project Type

Series B Pitch Deck


Financial Services

Project Timeline

1 week


London, England

Before & After

Relevant charts were utilized to showcase the textual data and numbers, with important data highlighted through the use of colors to draw attention to key information.

We redesigned a non-branded and generic-looking slide, using branded colors and modern design techniques to give it a professional look.

Slide Splitting for a good content flow

After understanding the messaging behind the slides; we decided to split the slide into two. Doing so transformed the textual and dull slide into a visually aesthetic slide with a simple reading flow.


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