The Business Case

The company is the only platform that automates the detection, analysis, and takedown of threats across domains, social media, app stores, and the dark web. They reached out to us through a referral. Our main challenge was to revamp the cybersecurity pitch deck by understanding the core technicality of the software.

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Project Type

Series B deck


Cyber Security

Project Timeline

2-3 weeks


Los Altos, CA

Revised Flow and Content

The deck we received from the client didn’t have a cohesive story and was too complicated to understand and grasp the key messaging. To get the story right, it was important to understand every aspect of the Cybersecurity domain.
Title slide for the cybersecurity series B pitch deck, featuring the company logo, presentation title, and a captivating cybersecurity-related image.
Slide highlighting the current cybersecurity challenges and opportunities, illustrated with icons for threats and charts for growth potential.
Slide depicting the transition to digital business models, illustrated with icons and statistics highlighting increased online activities and related cybersecurity needs.
Illustration of the cybersecurity ecosystem, detailing partnerships, integrations, and community engagement with connecting lines and network motifs.
Overview slide of our cybersecurity platform, showcasing key features, user interface snapshots, and benefits against a digital network background.
Analysis slide of the competitive landscape in cybersecurity, featuring logos of key players and comparison charts."
Case study slide presenting a successful cybersecurity intervention, with charts, customer testimonials, and a summary of the impact made.
Slide showing key performance indicators and metrics for our cybersecurity solutions, with graphs, progress bars, and benchmarks.


We completely revamped all the slides in the cybersecurity pitch deck from scratch and transformed them to be visually appealing and easy to understand. We understood the brand’s content and presented the deck through picturesque storytelling.

Revamped title slide emphasizing 360-degree coverage from online frauds, with dynamic imagery and bold text highlighting the presentation's focus.
New case study slide detailing recent success stories, with more focused data points, client feedback, and impact analysis.
Enhanced ecosystem slide with clearer visualization of network effects, partner ecosystems, and community support for cybersecurity initiatives.
Refined metrics and KPIs slide with streamlined data presentation, updated targets, and visual indicators of performance and growth.
Updated platform slide with enhanced visuals of the software's capabilities, user interface improvements, and security features.
Revised slide on current challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity, with updated statistics, emerging threats, and strategic responses.
Updated competitive landscape slide with a more detailed market position analysis, strategic differentiators, and visual comparisons.
New slide detailing the go-to-market strategy, outlining channels, customer segments, and marketing approaches with compelling visuals and clear text.

Animated Slides

We identified the key slides that were critical for a Series B pitch deck and created a cinematic story using animated slides. The story effectively conveys how the company protects customers from the internet and solved the problem of their large customer base.

Dynamic animated slide showcasing 360-degree coverage against cyber threats, with rotating graphics and layered defense strategies.

The team at M'Idea is amazing! Kirk and his team are very professional and creative! The level of work they did to help revamp our entire funding deck from the ground up was truly amazing. They really took the time to understand the message we were trying to convey. Our original deck didn't have a cohesive story and was too complicated. They really took our content/story and simplified it into very digestible slides which made our lives easier when we went out to present. The Midea team really delivered beyond our expectations. We plan to continue to use them for our board and sales decks. If you have a story (complicated story) that needs to be translated into a simple message that anyone can follow, I definitely recommend using M'Idea! Not only did they exceed our expectation, but they were also very professional and were very clear in terms of timeline.


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