The Business Case

CoolR provides advanced, end-to-end, IoT-based visual AI solutions for CPG brands and retailers. They were looking to transform their AI Pitch Deck content into a visual story that would be vivid to the investors’ eye. We established the structure and flow of the content and provided a high standard of visually transformative experience through thoughtfully curated custom illustrations.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.
Project Type

Series A Pitch Deck



Project Timeline
2-4 weeks

Virginia, USA

Revised Flow and Content

The client provided us with a rough draft of the content and flow for the slides. We mix-matched the content and added the missing slides to create a seamless visual flow required for an applaudable investor deck.

Creating Custom Illustrations

With varied images provided to visualize the problem statement and the solution; we created custom illustrations that showcased precisely the slides’ visual idea. Each detail of every visual was thoughtfully crafted to transform a complex idea into an understanding visual.



The Problem Slide – The illustration was customized from the raw image provided. The text was highlighted in red to indicate a problem statement

The Solution Slide – The illustration was customized to perfectly showcase the solution that the company is providing to the stated problem.

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