The Business Case

Consensus is a search engine that uses language models to find answers in peer-reviewed literature. They reached out to us for a Seed-Round pitch deck design. Despite the tight deadline, we were able to efficiently complete the project thanks to the Co-Founder & CEO’s support and prompt response to feedback.

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Project Type

Seed round pitch deck


Artificial Intelligence

Project Timeline

2 weeks


Boston, Massachusetts


The deck we received had a template-like and generic appearance, lacking clean aesthetics and polished edges. They key message of making science accessible and consumable for all was not effectively conveyed.

Established Moodboard

The client provided us with all the necessary materials and resources to create a collage in accordance with their guidelines, including their color codes and web app. They also gave us the freedom to take inspiration from the Consensus website.

On-brand, Minimal & Clean Visuals

We transformed the spiritless slides into a visually branded deck using custom-made vector illustrations, which effectively conveyed the messaging. The appropriate use of the brand’s colors and icons improved the overall appearance and made the deck more engaging.

GIFs for Better Understanding

The most challenging slide to design was the problem slide, as it contained various screen grabs. To make it easier to understand, we created a mock-up of a Google user interface to visually depict the actual problem faced in the search engine.


We redesigned their slides to look minimal yet appealing, taking inspiration from their website’s design. The result was a carefully-crafted pitch deck that effectively communicated the main purpose of the AI-powered Consensus search engine.

Fantastic and timely work done designing a deck for our Seed stage start-up.
HIGHLY recommend.

Eric Olson

Co-Founder & CEO at Consensus

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