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The Business Case

SeaChange Fund invests in early-stage startups in the Pacific Northwest. The Managing Partner reached out to us to create their Fund Deck. Further, our design team ensured a smooth and incredible experience for the client throughout the process.

*Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

Project Type

Fund Deck


Venture Capitalists

Project Timeline

2 weeks


Seattle, Washington

Established Moodboard

The client already had a well-established color palette. Keeping in mind the concept behind the name “Breakwater,” we created a mood board comprising relevant images, icons, illustration style & fonts.

Concept Based Custom Illustrations

We decoded the meaning behind the name “Breakwater” and used its denotation to create illustrations that visually convey the concept. The first illustration we created portrays a barrier leading into the sea, while the second showcases a piece of rock from the barrier.
Group 660

Visually Transformed Tiles

We identified the key slides from the deck and understood the core message they were trying to convey. We then transformed the previous slides into branded and visually appealing ones. Finally, the mood board and custom illustrations were seamlessly integrated into the final fund deck


The core problem faced by the client with the deck was:

  1. The layout was basic and generic, just like any other PowerPoint template
  2. Despite having a solid brand guideline, it was not used in the deck
  3. The overall deck was inconsistent in terms of layout, fonts, hierarchy, and color usage
The Fund Deck was thoughtfully transformed into a branded design using custom concept-based illustrations. The minimalism and margins of the deck were maintained to give a clean, professional, and polished look.

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