The Business Case

Bicycle Health is a remote-first digital health start-up that offers online Medication for Addiction Treatment for individuals with Opioid Use Disorder. Initially, they reached out to us to redesign their investor pitch deck, and impressed by our work, they offered us the opportunity to work on multiple other decks.

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Project Type

Multiple Assets


Health Care

Project Timeline



Boston, Massachusetts

Brand Guideline

The brand guide received was very detailed (modern) with customized icons and shapes. While this works great for making creatives, it is challenging for presentations. After understanding the use cases, we designed the initial few decks.

Highly customized & On-brand

The brand manual had limited icons and illustrations. We created a new set of icons based on the content to supplement the existing ones. Since they had specific patterns of strokes and thickness used; we made sure they matched the ones from the brand guide.

Customized Illustrations

Customized Icon Set

Customized Graphics

We created a custom infographic design to show the doctors and care team visually by incorporating their brand theme.
We created a custom vector design to enhance the visual appeal. It made the slide more polished and clean by incorporating brand colors.
We re-created the chart from the image provided and made it more consistent with the brand by using the brand colors from the image provided.


The slides received were non-branded, and generic. The inconsistent layouts did not match the overall aesthetic and messaging of the Bicycle Health website.


The outcome was a cohesive and on-brand presentation that visually represented their website. The use of imagery, text, tables, and icons, along with the appropriate use of accent brand colors, contributed to the overall appeal of the deck.

Meaningful Solutions

We received and reviewed the webinar deck and it had 50+ slides. Upon inspection, we realized that the information could be effectively presented on just one slide using on-click animation.

Google Slide Template

We created a Master template in Google Slides to make it easier for team members across different departments to use. The template included multiple slides with various use cases, which can help to streamline the process of creating presentations and ensure consistency in branding and design.

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