PowerPoint Christmas card 2023. Celebrate holidays with lots of joy and hot chocolate!

It’s that time of the year again! Everyone is filled with joy as we hear enchanting tales of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and savor a nice mug of hot cocoa. Christmas cheer is in the air, and we are ready to get you some creative PowerPoint delights!

BrightCarbon, a leading presentation design agency, has been designing unique and incredible PowerPoint Christmas cards for the past decade. Inspired by their tradition, here’s our humble approach to creating a beautiful PowerPoint Christmas card that you can download, customize and share with your friends and family. We hope it brings you joy this festive season!

A December to Remember

Created by our team – Illustration Artist, Motion Designer, Presentation Designer, and Art Director

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Doughnut who?

Doughnut open the door until Christmas!

The most adorable surprise behind the door is just one click away!

[Make sure to turn on the volume for a better experience]

How to use the PowerPoint Christmas Card?

We’ve put together a video of the Christmas card for you to watch and a button to download the editable PowerPoint file.

Follow the below steps to edit the Christmas card; 

1. Click on the button below the video to download the PowerPoint file

2. Open it in Microsoft PowerPoint

3. Click on the placeholder to put your company logo and/or your name

4. To make it interactive, start the ‘Slide Show’ mode (Hit F5 on Windows or Cmd + Return on Mac)

5. To Save this card as a Video

    • For Windows: Go to File > Export >  Create a Video
    • For Mac: Click File > Export > Open the File Format list and select the MP4 video format 
      [Ensure that the resolution is set to Full HD (1920×1080)]

6. Finally, share the Christmas card video with friends and family

3D PowerPoint Christmas Cards

1. What’s Behind The Curtain?

“Come on, let’s take a sneak peek at Santa’s Christmas Eve a little closer!”

PS: Your presents are on their way!

2. Christmas Magic Is In The Air!

“Greetings from Santa are on the way to bring a cheer on your face!”

3. The More You Give, The Merrier You Get!

“On a magical Christmas Eve, a little twinkling star fell on Santa’s Christmas tree!”

4. The Joy Of Sharing! 

“The joy begins with a Christmas gift falling from the sky, which is received and shared by one dog with the other!

5. A Magical Christmas Wishlist!

“Spread the magic of Christmas with your loved ones by making their unique wishlist come true!

6. Holiday Cheer With A Little Penguin! 

“Let’s spread some holiday cheer with this joyful penguin and its merry mission to deliver Christmas presents!

Happy Holidays!

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