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What’s the one necessary task your staff will always have on the bottom of your to-do barrel? Yes, the one that keeps getting pushed off to the next day because it’s repetitive and time-consuming. If you’re thinking of a PowerPoint presentation, you’re not alone. It’s the reality of every corporate employee. Since they’re so preoccupied with significant business tasks, preparing a presentation often comes down to the last minute. Fortunately, it’s an easily solvable issue. Here’s your solution: use presentation design services from a presentation design agency.

What is A Presentation Design Agency?

A presentation design agency is every organization’s extended hand in creating exceptional presentations. So, this is one task your staff can permanently check off their to-do list. All they’ll need to do is, collect data and send it to the agencies. Then, they can get a well-framed and engaging presentation that will help them achieve whatever they’re setting out to do.

6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource PowerPoint Presentation Design

1. Saves Your Time

Think about the last corporate presentation you made. Now, estimate how much time you spent on it. Maybe, a day or two. It might not seem too much. Yet, that’s just a single presentation for one person. Did you know 47 percent of presenters take 8+ hours to design their presentations? Additionally, executives also waste a lot of time understanding poorly-made PPTs. When you outsource PowerPoint presentations, you can save this time and focus on your business instead.

2. Strengthens Your Brand

According to experts, around 30 million PowerPoint presentations get crafted daily. And, with time, they only expect an upward surge in this value. So, to stand out and impact your audience, you need to up your presentation game rapidly. With the perfect combination of well-designed visuals, convincing data, and a compelling story, you can achieve that vision. A trained eye will spot all the bad design elements and fix them for you. So, you can use your custom PowerPoint presentations to resonate with your audience.

3. Boosts Your Productivity

From an organization’s perspective, crafting presentations take up about 10 percent of every employee’s time. The truth is: with numerous high-priority tasks on their list, preparing presentations often becomes a burden. When you outsource to PowerPoint-making companies, you ease the pressure off your staff. As a result, they can focus on solving critical issues to grow your business exponentially. Delegate to a presentation design agency to skyrocket productivity and focus on bolstering your weaknesses.

4. Enhances Your Message

According to Visme presentation statistics, 55 percent of people say that a great story hooks them throughout the presentation. Our brain reacts to visual elements and storytelling in a way that we can’t control. For example, while looking at charts, we can’t ignore the outliers indicated by colors or other elements. Now, that’s just one example. A presentation design agency can use various insights to craft easy-to-understand custom PowerPoint presentations.

5. Saves Your Money

On average, a whopping $250 million go down the drain year after year in creating and understanding PPTs in-house. Creating PowerPoint presentations is a massive waste of money for most businesses. Yet, it’s a necessary function whose need you can’t eliminate. So, what’s an easy compromise? Invest a small sum in presentation design services and get professionally designed slides in your email. Your business’s balance sheet would thank you for it.

6. Get Scalable Solutions

A freelancer or an in-house design team can design your slides. However, you can’t be sure if it’s something you can repurpose in multiple ways. When you work with presentation agencies, you can specifically request them to create a presentation that can be used in multiple ways with little customization. That way, you can help your team save time, energy, and effort to focus on business-critical tasks. Notice the change today when you outsource PowerPoint presentation design. Our presentation experts at M’idea Hub can’t wait to create scalable presentation solutions for you. Get in touch with us today!

FAQs About Outsourcing Your Presentation Design

1. Is it Safe? What About Confidentiality?

Through NDAs and confidentiality agreements, you can ensure your data is safe while working with presentation agencies. Various agencies can (and will) sign these documents before proceeding with the presentation design. So, while working with an agency, stress how critical it is for you and get these documents signed. At M’idea Hub, we’re strongly committed to keeping your data private through NDAs and destroying it after we’ve delivered the presentation to you.

2. How do I Pick a Presentation Design Agency?

While sorting presentation agencies, look for
  1. A killer presentation design portfolio
  2. The experience of working with clients in your niche
  3. An influential online presence
  4. Clear communication, and
  5. Robust processes.
Get on a call with them to know how receptive they are to your needs and how well they understand your goals.

3. How do PowerPoint Design Services Work?

At M’idea Hub, we offer two service models for our presentation solutions: design makeover and design transformation. Have trouble creating compelling visuals for your presentation? Consider opting for a makeover model. Are you struggling with visual storytelling? We’d suggest you pick transformation services instead. If you have ongoing presentation design needs, opt for our retainers.

4. How Much Does Presentation Design Cost?

Based on your project’s scope, the presentation design cost varies immensely. Since every presentation is different, every quote is different too. Get your custom quote by contacting our team, and we’d be happy to provide estimates.

5. Is Outsourcing the Right Choice for You?

Outsourcing presentation design offers several benefits. To determine if it’s necessary for you, factor in how much of your work depends on PPTs and the time your team spends on them. Then, weigh your budget against the potential benefits and assess if it’s the right choice for you.

Parting Thoughts

Preparing presentations can be a massive time waste for your team. Every minute your presentation designers team spends on these necessary and non-urgent tasks is a minute taken away from business-critical tasks. So, outsource these tasks to a specialized agency and let your team focus on doing what they do best. M’idea Hub, being a leading presentation design company, specializes in designing result-driven presentations for all your high-stake presentation design needs. Our experienced presentation designers work closely with you to transform complex ideas into easy-to-understand visuals. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today or book a call to learn more about our services!

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