Must-have checklist for presentation design project
Must-have checklist for presentation design project

Ever found yourself in the middle of a high-stakes presentation design project, only to realize that important elements are missing or require last-minute changes? The resulting chaos often results in delayed timelines, increased billable hours, and frustration on all fronts.

Well, it is a mutual responsibility to ensure that everything is ready before starting the presentation design. To ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration with a presentation design agency, it’s essential to have a comprehensive design checklist in place.

Here’s a must-have checklist that will help you onboard smoothly and achieve outstanding results for your next high stake presentation!

Why this must-have checklist is your best bet?

This checklist acts as a compass, guiding you through the process of designing. It ensures that both clients and presentation designers are aligned from the start, eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth and reducing revisions.

For clients, a well-organized checklist allows them to communicate expectations clearly. Providing all the necessary materials and information upfront enables the designers to work efficiently, resulting in a faster turnaround time and cost savings.

For presentation designers, it helps them understand the project requirements, deliverables, and deadlines, enabling them to plan their workflow effectively and produce high-quality designs.

Eight essential items to include in this checklist

Creating a precise checklist for your presentation design project ensures you don’t miss out on any essential element. Here are eight essential items you should include;

Creative Brief

  • Having a clear creative brief is like having a roadmap for your project. It outlines clear expectations regarding timelines, creative direction, and desired outcomes

  • Providing a PDF format ensures all stakeholders are on the same page and minimizes misunderstandings during the design process

Slide-by-Slide Content

  • To minimize revisions once the design phase kicks off, it’s crucial to have your content nearly final or at least 90% completed
  • Preferred formats include PDF and Google Slides

Brand Manual

  • A brand manual provides the visual direction for the presentation, including colors, fonts, and design elements that align with your brand’s values

  • A PDF format ensures easy reference for the design team

Logo Files

  • Your brand’s logo in vector format helps create slides that are consistent with your brand

  • Providing logo files in vector formats such as Ai or SVG enables designers to create branded slides using logo elements without compromising quality


  • High-resolution images will enhance your deck’s visual appeal. This could include product images, UI screenshots, and so on

  • Ideal formats include JPG, PNG, FIG, and SKETCH

Competitor List

  • Knowing your competition’s design practices can help you create a presentation that stands out
  • Having this information readily accessible as website URLs can help guide the design process

Reference Deck

  • A reference deck is a fantastic tool to showcase your design preferences. This does not have to be from your domain, but it can provide insights into your preferred style
  • A PDF format allows designers to understand and adapt your aesthetic preferences to your unique presentation

Ace your next presentation design project!

By following this comprehensive must-have checklist, you can avoid the chaos of missing or last-minute changes, ensuring a smooth and successful collaboration with a presentation design agency.

From a well-defined creative brief to sharing brand assets and reference decks, each element plays a vital role in creating a visually compelling and effective presentation. 

So, before embarking on your next presentation design project, ensure you have this checklist in hand. Start your collaboration on the right foot and achieve presentation excellence!

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