Sales presentation for healthcare company with three different audience.
Sales presentation for healthcare company with three different audience.

How to Design an Effective Sales Deck for Healthcare?

Healthcare in the USA is a dynamic ecosystem with a range of stakeholders, each with unique needs and priorities that must be addressed. To navigate this complex landscape, you need an effective sales deck that grabs attention, delivers your message with impact, and convinces your target audience that your solution fits their needs perfectly.

Think of your sales deck as a bridge – it needs to be solid and well-structured. But just like how a one-size-fits-all outfit won’t flatter everyone, a generic sales deck won’t cut it. For instance, if your company helps healthcare providers in some way, you only need one sales deck. However, if you target multiple audiences, you’ll need a different sales presentation for each audience.

In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of an effective sales deck for healthcare startups. Our goal? communicating value to potential customers. So, let’s take the example of a company we worked with that had three target audiences, healthcare providers, patients, and employers – and show you how to design a sales presentation that resonates with each of them.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Before you dive into creating your sales deck, let’s talk about something super important: knowing your audience. Understanding the pain points of your target audience is key to crafting a killer presentation that will help you succeed. Let’s zoom in on the unique needs and interests of healthcare providers, patients, and employers:

Healthcare Providers

If your target audience comprises healthcare providers like doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, you should focus on highlighting the clinical benefits of your products or services. These healthcare heroes are always looking for innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and help them provide better care. They value products that can simplify their work and minimize their workload.

To capture their attention, ensure your sales deck clearly communicates how your products or services can help them deliver better patient care. Including pertinent research or clinical studies that showcase the efficiency of your services could be a great addition to your pitch.


If your target audience is patients seeking medical care, make sure your messaging revolves around how your offerings can enhance their health and overall wellness. What they really care about is convenience, accessibility, and affordability – they want solutions that are easy to use and deliver tangible benefits.

To win them over, your sales deck needs to showcase how your products or services can truly make a difference in their lives. Don’t forget to emphasize what sets you apart from the competition and use testimonials and case studies from satisfied patients to bolster your credibility and earn their trust.


If you are targeting companies that provide healthcare benefits to their employees, showcasing the cost-effectiveness of your products or services is crucial. Employers seek solutions that can boost the health and productivity of their workforce while keeping costs in check.

Ensure your sales deck hits the right notes by clearly conveying how your offerings can help employers achieve their objectives. Use relevant data or case studies to illustrate the effectiveness of your products or services in cutting healthcare expenses or enhancing employee productivity.

To stand out from the competition, highlight any key features of your solution that set you apart from others. With these key elements, you can create an impactful pitch.

Pro tip: No need to create two or more separate decks altogether. Just create a master deck with all standard slides and alternative versions of key slides resonating with your target audiences. You can then select the slides and re-arrange the order to fit your presentation needs.

We get it, every audience is different. That’s why we offer tailored presentation template designs for every target audience. Want to learn more? Book a call with us today!

Key Slides to Include in Your Healthcare Sales Deck

To create a successful sales deck, it’s essential to include key slides that effectively communicate your products or services’ value proposition to your target audience. These slides will serve as the foundation for your presentation, enabling you to captivate and engage your prospects effectively.

Here are some key slides to include in your healthcare sales deck;

Slide 1 – Company Overview

  • Introduce your company and provide a brief overview of your products or services

  • Emphasize your company’s mission, vision, and values to showcase the principles that guide your organization’s operations and commitment to excellence

Slide 2 – Problem Statement

  • Highlight the challenges faced by the healthcare industry

  • Identify the pain points of the target audience

  • Provide supporting statistics to back up the problem statement

Slide 3 – The Solution

  • Explain how the company’s solution effectively resolves the problem

  • Highlight the features and USPs of the product or service being presented

  • Present a comprehensive summary of the product or service’s features and advantages

Slide 4 – Product Features and Benefits

  • Emphasize the standout features and advantages of the product or service

  • Illustrate how the product or service effectively resolves the challenges

Slide 5 – Traction / Metric Slide

  • Showcase the company’s noteworthy achievements

  • Demonstrate the proven track record of the product or service

  • Use concrete metrics and data to support achievement claims

Slide 6 – Competitive Advantage

  • Identify the company’s unique selling proposition

  • Conduct a comparative analysis of the product or service in relation to the competition

  • Highlight the benefits of choosing the company over the competition

Slide 7 – Pricing Model

  • Provide details of the pricing plans available

  • Emphasize the value-for-money proposition

Slide 8 – Testimonial

  • Showcase customer reviews and feedback in both written and video formats to demonstrate their experience

  • Highlight the positive impact the product or service has delivered to customers

  • Strengthen the testimonials by incorporating quotes and statistics as supporting evidence

Slide 9 – Team

  • Introduce the company’s leadership team

  • Highlight their qualifications and experience. Use logos to bring more credibility

  • Showcase the team’s achievements

Slide 10 – Call to Action

  • Provide a clear and compelling call to action with the next steps

  • Motivate the target audience to take action with a compelling storyline and design

  • Provide contact details for further information

Key Slides Comparison for Audiences

Key Slides
Healthcare Providers

Company Overview

Emphasize the company’s credibility and expertise

Highlight patient-centric approach

Focus on ROI, and proven results

Problem Statement

Focus on healthcare industry challenges

Highlight patient pain points

Emphasize the impact of healthcare costs

Our Solution

Emphasize benefits to healthcare organizations

Highlight how the product improves health outcomes

Emphasize cost savings and benefits

Product Features & Benefits

Highlight how the product solves healthcare problems

Emphasize how the product improves health outcomes

Emphasize cost savings and benefits

Traction/Metric Slide

Showcase successful implementation and measurable results

Emphasize patient satisfaction ratings

Highlight reduced healthcare costs

Competitive Advantage

Highlight unique selling points and differentiators

Emphasize how the product compares to alternatives

Emphasize how the product saves money

Pricing Model

Highlight pricing structures and flexibility

Emphasize affordability and transparency

Emphasize cost savings and ROI


Feature quotes from healthcare professionals who have used the product

Feature patient success stories and endorsements

Feature employer testimonials and cost savings


Emphasize the team’s healthcare expertise and qualifications

Highlight the team’s patient-centric approach and empathies

Emphasize the team’s ability to deliver cost savings

Call to Action

Encourage healthcare providers to schedule a demo

Encourage patients to speak with their provider about the product

Encourage employers to schedule a meeting to discuss cost savings

Best Practices for Designing an Effective Sales Deck for Healthcare

With a well-designed sales deck, you can effectively communicate your value proposition in a clear and visually appealing way. While a poorly designed sales deck can make it tough for your audience to grasp your message and even detract from your credibility.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind to design a compelling sales presentation for healthcare startups:

  • Keep it simple and concise

  • Incorporate visuals to convey information

  • Maintain consistent branding and color scheme

  • Use high-quality and compelling images that resonates with your target audience

  • Choose clear and legible fonts

  • Use white space effectively

Now You Have

As you wrap up, don’t forget the golden rule of designing a sales presentation – know your audience and tailor the pitch to meet their unique needs. With the best practices outlined in this blog, you’re all set to design an impactful sales deck. But if you’re looking for an exclusive presentation design partner to help take your healthcare startup to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

With us, you’ll get visually appealing, easy-to-understand, and engaging sales decks for your startup. So why wait? Contact us today!

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