Corporate overview deck for biotech company with clear visuals and data-focused charts.
Corporate overview deck for biotech company with clear visuals and data-focused charts.

6 Pro Tips To Design A Corporate Overview Deck For A Biotech Company

Did you know the global biotech industry is expected to reach $727.1 billion by 2025? Now, that’s some serious growth potential!

In this fast-paced landscape of scientific breakthroughs and innovations, effective communication is more important than ever. Biotech companies often face the challenge of explaining complex scientific concepts and vast data to potential investors, partners, and customers.

That’s where an impactful corporate overview deck comes in!

A corporate overview deck is your first impression, your chance to set the stage for what your company is all about. It’s the compass guiding your audience through the intricate terrain of your scientific endeavors.

In this blog, we’ll explore 6 pro tips to design a corporate overview deck that truly resonates with your company. It’s time to transform your complex ideas into captivating presentations that make a lasting impact!

1. Crafting a Well-Structured Executive Summary Slide

Your executive summary slide serves as the gateway to your corporate overview deck. Keep it concise and impactful by:

  • Introduce your company briefly, specifying core focus areas like gene editing, molecular diagnostics, or advanced biopharmaceuticals.

  • Summarize unique market value, spotlighting innovative technologies, robust IP portfolios, or promising therapy pipelines.

  • Highlighting key financial metrics, such as revenue, funding, and upcoming milestones, to provide valuable insights to potential investors.

Executive summary slide before of biotech startup presentation

2. Showcase Complex Processes in a Visually Engaging Way

  • Outlining the key steps in your biotech drug or therapeutic development.

  • Highlighting the product or therapeutic outcome and its potential impact on patient’s lives, healthcare, or the market.

  • Using clear and simplified scientific illustrations or icons to convey complex biotech concepts.

Showcasing complex process in corporate overview deck for biotech - Before
Showcasing complex process in corporate overview deck for biotech - After

3. Use Dynamic Animation for Clarity and Engagement

  • Use on-click animations for clarity and engagement, navigating through complex concepts.

  • Breaking down complex content into multiple slides can improve comprehension and impact.

  • Take control of the slide as you explain sophisticated biotech details, ensuring a seamless flow of information.


4. Easy-to-Understand Product Roadmap or Clinical Trial Slide

  • Lay out your product development or clinical trial roadmap clearly, emphasizing key milestones and their significance.

  • Ensure that your audience can easily follow the journey of your biotech innovations.

After - Product roadmap slide for biotech corporate overview presentation

5. Data-Focused Biotech Charts for Clear Insights

A big, chunky, noisy chart doesn’t tell the story that the investors are looking for.

  • Integrate charts that clearly convey data insights, emphasizing 1 or 2 key metrics per chart.

  • Opt for clean biotech charts with labeled data points, eliminating unnecessary clutter and noise.

data focused charts for biotech presentation after slide

6. Add Icons, Images, or Custom Illustrations for Visual Support

  • Use clear and simplified scientific illustrations or icons to make complex concepts simple.

  • Customize visuals to align with your key points and your company’s unique proposition.

  • Maintain a consistent style and color scheme for all visuals to create a polished, professional look that resonates with biotech investors.

  • Use visuals to tell a compelling story. Guide your audience through the scientific journey, making it engaging and easy to understand.

Very generic and bland biotech company presentation
A biotech presentation slide with visual support

Putting It All Together

Incorporating these 6 pro tips into your corporate overview deck design will enable you to communicate your complex scientific concepts and data simply and effectively.

Whether you’re creating a corporate overview deck for biotech from scratch or refining an existing one, remember that clarity, engagement, and brand consistency are very important.

And, if you’re still not sure where to start or need some help in presentation design, we’re always here! Our multidisciplinary team has diverse creative capabilities and domain expertise, and we have experience working with biotech companies of all sizes.

Just contact us or book a discovery call, and let’s get started!

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