visual storytelling examples for pitch decks.

Best Visual Storytelling Examples for Successful Pitch Decks

visual storytelling examples for pitch decks.

Investor pitch decks demand excellence. They are your platform to showcase ideas, secure funding and win over potential investors.

But simply putting information on slides isn’t enough anymore!

Today’s investors look for a good story, unique ideas. And, visual storytelling is the key to resonating with your investors. It’s the strategic use of visuals like characters, infographics, animation, and data visualizations to craft a compelling narrative that goes beyond just text and bullet points on the slide.

To achieve this, you need to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Identify a cohesive way to merge slides, change the sequence, and pick those key slides. It’s not about fitting everything into one slide but about how the story comes together as a whole.

In this blog, we’ll show you exactly how to do that with 5 examples of visual storytelling in pitch decks. Each example will demonstrate the power of visuals to engage, persuade, and leave a lasting impression.

Step 1: Understanding the Story

Every great pitch deck begins with a deep understanding of the story.

Based on the content and brief given by the client we analyze each slide and brainstorm how the audience can easily understand the story.

Another major challenge is the variety of audiences to take into account –

  • For non-technical audiences, the story needs to be simple and without the technical jargons.

  • For technical audiences, we can incorporate more detailed information and complex concepts.

In the initial phase of a kick-off call, we understand the story from the founder’s perspective and the core messaging behind it. This helps us to visually represent the slides.

We then research the keywords given in the slides to become more familiar with the business and its concepts.

This foundational understanding is what sets the stage for impactful visual storytelling.

Step 2: Conceptualization

Once we understand the story, we move on to conceptualization. Having different expert designers on the team with domain expertise, we start by narrating or creating a basic wireframe/sketch to optimize the story.

Domain expertise is important as it enables our team of designers to ensure our concepts and stories are backed by thorough research, down to the tiniest details.

Once the storyline is set, our in-house illustration experts begin sketching to get the visual clarity for the story we’ve finalized. Next, we develop a mood board to establish the look and feel of the illustrations, unless the client provides a brand guide. Then we transform the illustrations to align with the mood board and finalize their styling in the storyline.

Sometimes, the storyline includes impactful elements like data visualization, infographics, characters, and animation.

This meticulous process ensures every visual element enhances the narrative.

Step 3: Putting Everything Together

It’s time to bring everything together!

The finalized story and illustrations form a cohesive and engaging piece of information, delivered through animated or static slides. These slides are easy to understand for the audience and also aesthetically appealing.

Execution is equally important as the concept. Even the best ideas can fail without the technical expertise to implement them seamlessly. This is where you need expert help to ensure that every element adapts to the branding, maintains consistency, and tells the story effectively.

5 Powerful Visual Storytelling Examples for Pitch Decks

1. Cybersecurity Firm Protects Customers from Internet Threats

  • Identified key slides for a Series B pitch deck and created a cinematic story using animated slides.  
  • Developed a narrative that conveys how the company protects customers from the internet and solves the needs of their large customer base.

Read the full case study here.

2. Research-Based AI Tool Company Makes Discoveries Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

  • The client struggled to communicate business ideas to investors.  
  • Developed a storytelling approach with customized illustrations to explain the core problem clearly.  

Read the full case study here.

3. Fintech Company Solving a Complex Processes in Today's World Using Its Platform

  • The problem with the original slide was that the key points were unfocused, and the slide was not designed well in terms of the visual and the functionality.

  • We transformed it to showcase that the current ecosystem is dysfunctional. The client has multiple touchpoints, and there are two separate categories where they need to go through many processes. But Finmax replaces all the touchpoints with its financial CRM software. It creates a single touchpoint for the client to connect and fetch the services from the rest of the entities in the ecosystem.

4. Insurance Company Optimized Its Claim Processes Through Technology

  • We thoroughly analyzed the company’s entire insurance process to identify the key messages. We then created custom graphics to perfectly represent the process.  
  • The slides were animated using morphing techniques to seamlessly convey a visual story of the insurance process.  

Read the full case study here.

5. Fintech Company Helps You Trade Without Cash

  • We transformed the complex textual slides into visual storytelling with custom vector illustrations, enhancing understanding and effortlessly conveying the messaging.  
  • By using custom graphics and branded colors, we turned the client’s dull presentation into an engaging and visually appealing deck.  

Read the full case study here.

Your Story, Perfectly Told!

By understanding your story, conceptualizing it with creativity and expertise, and seamlessly bringing all elements together, you can engage your investors like never before.

Our team of expert pitch deck designers have diverse creative skills and domain expertise, ensuring that every element of your story is visually stunning and perfectly aligned with your message.

Ready to transform your pitch deck? Just contact us or book a discovery call, and let’s bring your story to life!

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