7 Must-Have Design Elements for Your B2B FinTech Product Presentation

So, your FinTech company has a fantastic product that can change how finance departments work in a company. But to truly make an impact, you must effectively communicate your product’s value to potential clients. That’s where a solid product presentation comes in!

Design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an experience that will resonate with your audience and make them want to learn more about your product.

But what makes a great product presentation? Here are 7 essential design elements that will help you create a successful B2B FinTech product presentation:

Key Elements to Include in a Product Presentation for FinTech


1. Problem/ Solution

The first step is to clearly identify the problem that your product solves. What pain points does your product address? How will it make your target audience’s lives easier or better?

Once you’ve clearly defined the problem, you can explain how your product solves it.

  • Use a bold and attention-grabbing headline that clearly states the problem you are solving

  • Use compelling imagery/iconography to convey the problem your product solves visually

  • Use color psychology to convey emotions related to the problem and solution

Problem Slide

Problem Slide for Fintech Product Presentation
Problem Slide

Solution Slide

Solution Slide for Product presentation for B2B fintech startups
Solution Slide

2. Features vs. Benefits

When presenting a product, it is vital to highlight its features and benefits separately. 

The features section should be focused on the functionalities of the product. And, the benefits section should be focused on the positive outcomes the client will experience when using the product.

This approach helps clients understand what the product does and why they should use it.

Feature Slide

  • Use clear and concise language to describe each feature

  • Use icons or illustrations to help clients visualize the features

  • Keep the slide uncluttered by limiting the number of features you include

Features slide of a product presentation for fintech company
Features Slide

Benefits Slide

  • Use real-world examples or case studies to illustrate the benefits of your product

  • Use high-quality images to support the benefits of your product

Features slide for a fintech startup product presentation
Benefits Slide

3. Product Demo/ How it Works?

This is where you’ll want to walk your audience through how your product works. Designing this section is about making the product’s complex features and functionalities easy-to-understand.

  • Use illustrations and infographics to make the process easy to understand

  • Add a product demo video to show the product in action

Pro tip: Use animations to illustrate complex concepts or workflows.

How does it work slide for product presentation
How Does it Work?
Product demo video for fintech product presentation
How Does it Work?

Product Mockups 

Mockups are a great way to give potential clients a visual representation of your product’s interface and user experience.
  • Use high-quality mockups to showcase the product’s interface and user experience

  • Include screenshots of the mobile application and dashboard interface to give clients a clear idea of what they can expect

Product Mockups for fintech product presentation
Product Mockups

4. USP Slide

What makes your product unique? What sets it apart from the competition? Be sure to highlight your product’s unique selling proposition (USP) in your presentation.

  • Use bold and clear headlines that convey the product’s unique value proposition

  • Use visual aids to illustrate the value proposition of the product clearly

Pro tip: Highlight the product features along with the mockup to emphasize more on your USPs.

USPs of fintech product is represented in this slide of a product presentation.
USP Slide

5. Product Roadmap

Your product roadmap is a visual representation of how your product has evolved over time. It shows potential clients where your product is going and what they can expect in the future.

  • Use a timeline or a flowchart to illustrate the product roadmap

  • Be sure to label each milestone and briefly explain what it entails clearly

  • Use colors to differentiate different stages or types of milestones

Product roadmap of a B2B fintech product is represented in this slide of a product presentation
Product Roadmap

6. Product Specification

If your target audience includes technical decision-makers, such as CTOs or product managers, you should include a product specification slide.

  • Use tables and graphs to present the specifications in a clear and concise manner

  • Use a minimalistic design that focuses on the technical details

  • Use colors that relate to the brand or product

Product specification of a B2B fintech product is presented in this product deck
Product Specification

7. Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful tool that can help build trust and credibility with potential clients. Adding customer testimonials or case studies that demonstrate the product’s effectiveness is a great way to showcase the value of your product.

  • Use video to bring these testimonials to life

  • Use high-quality videos and images to showcase the product’s success stories

Client testimonials in a fintech presentation
Client Testimonials

Putting It All Together

Final Product Presentation for B2B fintech startup

There you have it – a comprehensive guide on the 7 must-have design elements for your B2B FinTech product presentation!

By including these essential elements and actionable tips in your product presentation, you can ensure your potential clients notice your product and see how it can benefit their business. A well-designed product presentation can make all the difference in closing deals and growing your business.

And, if you’re still not sure where to start or if you need some help putting all of this together, we’re always here! Our multidisciplinary team has diverse creative capabilities and domain expertise, and we have experience working with fintech startups of all sizes.

We’d love to learn more about your project and see how we can help you elevate your B2B FinTech product presentation.

Just book a discovery call , and let’s get started!

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